Fureddo Jonzu is a canon character that attends Akademi High School. He has not been implemented yet.

Description Edit

"In previous years, the Photography Club was a serious club about the art of picture-taking, but the club is presently composed of a carefree group of students who actually have very little interest in photography, and are really just using the clubroom as their private hangout spot. The leader of this club is Fureddo, a young man who is known for his charisma and leadership skills - although he rarely uses his natural-born gifts for any meaningful purpose, and usually just spends his time goofing around with his laid-back friends.

As their time at high school draws to a close, the members of the Photography Club are slowly beginning to regret the carefree way they have been spending their after-school hours. They want to look back on their high school years with pride; they don't want to feel like they accomplished nothing noteworthy during their youth. They are slowly becoming restless as they begin to yearn for a greater purpose; a challenge to overcome, an adversary to face, a mystery to solve.

For now, the Photography Club is just a carefree group of friends...but they would quickly leap at any opportunity to make something of themselves. If any kind of mystery were to present itself, the Photography Club would immediately investigate the situation - and Fureddo, with his natural talent for leadership, would spearhead the effort to unravel any unsolved mystery, or identify the culprit of any unsolved crime. Needless to say, this could spell doom for anyone trying to get away with misdeeds at school..."

Appearance Edit

Fureddo has blonde hair in a style similar to a bowl cut. He has light blue eyes. He wears the default male uniform with a red neckerchief and the red club leader armband with a camera on it. He also wears a digital camera around his neck.

Trivia Edit

  • His name, appearance and role in the club was based off of Fred Jones from Scooby Doo.

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