Muja Kina is a canon character who works at Akademi High School and the 6th rival. She is a substitute nurse, and has not been implemented yet. However, there is a nurse in the Infirmary that resembles Muja.

Description Edit

"Muja is a young nurse who desires nothing more than to take care of other people...although she usually ends up causing more problems than she solves due to her air-headed and klutzy nature.

Muja will be serving as a substitute for the school's usual nurse, who isn't available during the sixth week of gameplay. She will become fond of Senpai very quickly, during a point in time when he definitely needs someone taking care of his health.

Her intelligence is not her strongest point, but she is a very sweet and caring person, and it's very easy to see how any schoolboy might develop a crush on her - including Senpai..."

Appearance Edit

Muja has long, wavy pink hair. Her eyes are light purple. She wears a white nurse uniform with a low collar, along with a nurse's cap. She also wears a garter belt with light pink stockings and white heels.

Personality Edit

Muja is meant to be the opposite of Mida Rana, as she will be pure and innocent. Any sexual innuendos that she makes are entirely unintentional. She has been confirmed to have the Heroic persona, however it is unknown how strong she will be.

Relationships Edit

Taro Yamada Edit

During the week that Muja is at the school, Taro will become sick. He will visit her once each day. Due to Taro being attracted to sexy nurses, their relationship will quickly grow due to these interactions. If they were to get together, Taro would get a job in the healthcare industry in the future.

Suitor Edit

When she is implemented as a rival, Ayano will be able to matchmake Muja with her suitor. It is unknown whether her suitor will be another student or not.

Trivia Edit

  • Due to being a substitute, she will disappear after her week is over if she is peacefully eliminated.
    • It is possible for there to be a reason for Muja to be able to stay in the future.
  • Muja is not a rival who can catch a knife.
  • Muja's name when translated means 'innocent' and 'simple minded'.
  • Witnesses may run to her in the final game if a student is poisoned or drowned.
  • It is possible that Muja may have attended Akademi when she was younger and had the fantasy of confessing her love to somebody under the Sakura Tree, however she never found the right person. She would make up for this by confessing to Taro under the tree at the end of her week.
  • Muja will not have a reputation stat, but instead a 'job performance' stat. This will be lowered in ways other than gossip.