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Sei has medium-length desaturated pink hair in braids. She has heterochromia, which means she has 2 different colored eyes (blue and green, respectively).


Sei has the Quiet persona. If she witnesses a murder she will stay calm and pretend not to notice there's been a murder. However if her sister Amaya is murdered, she will scream, and sob by her sister's corpse.

Personality Edit

Sei is often coldhearted and neutral to most people. She could be described as a 'kuudere' but she tends to come off more rude then silent. She is often gossiped about for this trait.

Relationships Edit

Feel free to add your OC in her relationships. However, I would like to have a roleplay before the relationship

Positive Edit

Amaya Saito - Her sister. Sei is very protective of her

Keiko Saito - Her mom. She confides in her for her secrets. They're very close

Ayumu Kishi - She's on good terms with him

Akihito Saito - Her father. She's closer with him then she is with Keiko

Neutral Edit

Kizana Sunobu - Sei would join the Drama Club if it weren't for Kizana's horrible personality.

Negative Edit

Mai Waifu - She fucking hates her.

Saki Miyu - Sei doesn't get why Saki's a little princess.

Trivia Edit

  • She loves macarons and any French food.
  • She's usally reading, looking outside, or walking.
  • She's an A student
  • She's very protective over her sister

Gallery Edit