Current Rules

These are the wiki's current rules. Users must abide by them.

General Rules

  1. No attacking, bullying, or harassment.
  2. No spamming/trolling.
  3. No homophobia/transphobia.
    1. This rule does not apply to OCs, as a user can have an OC who is homophobic/transphobic without being that way themselves.
  4. No vandalism.
  5. No badge/edit farming.
  6. No sockpuppeting. If you don't know what this means, it is creating another account and pretending to be a different person on said account. This is typically used to avoid blocks.
    1. For each time you are caught sockpuppeting, your block will be extended on each account.
  7. No advertising.
  8. No linking pornography or other NSFW material.
    1. An exception is in place for NSFW Kisekae.
      1. Admins MUST approve.
  9. No adding categories to user-pages and blogs.
    1. Exceptions are if a staff memeber does it.
  10. No spreading private information about people.
  11. No sharing leaked info or leaking info.
  12. No pretending/claiming to be staff when you aren't.
  13. No false reporting.
  14. No removing warnings or block messages from your wall.
  15. Keep blogs on the topic of the game or wiki.
  16. Make sure your edits are in English.
  17. Adding quotes or similar to a page is fine.
  18. No cross wiki harassment. If a user comes to this wiki for the sole purpose to harass a user{s}, then they harasser with a warning. If it does not stop, they will be blocked.

OC Rules

  1. No using another user's OCs without permission.
  2. No editing a user's OC without permission.
    1. Adding categories without permission is allowed.
      1. However, if the user clearly states not to, the edit breaks the rules.
    2. Staff members are allowed to edit a user's OC without permission.
      1. Edits must be related to staff duties.
  3. No stealing characters from other works.
  4. An OC (of any type) must relate to the game or it will be deleted.
    1. The creator will be notified 3 days in advance to make the OC abide by wiki rules or it will be deleted.
      1. If an OC is deleted, they owner may make an appeal to have it restored, but it must be edited to fit the game's criteria within 24 hours or it shall be deleted permanently.
  5. No creating OCs to insult another user unless permission is given by said user.

Vote Rules

  1. If a user who is staff steps down, they are not allowed to reapply for that position right away. Instead, they must work their way back up to their rank.
    1. This rule does not apply to the Rollback and Moderator positions, as they may be applied for anyway.

Anti-Trolling Act

  1. If a user begins to cause drama or a staff sees them as trolling, a warning will be issued. If they fail to stop, they will be blocked.